Tax Preparation for Individuals
Individual Returns (Form 1040)

Our process for preparing tax returns for individuals is designed to make efficient use of your time, and ensure that we are able to prepare your return quickly and accurately. We realize how difficult it is for people to drive to a CPA's office, sometimes 3-4 times, to get a tax return prepared. In today's world that simply is not necessary! Every client is assigned a unique username and password for our secure website. Documents can be uploaded to us there, and all tax returns are delivered there. Signatures are obtained electronically, and fees are even handled electronically. Here are the steps:
    First, we need your paperwork! (Click the + for more information)
    • Copies of all W-2s, 1099s, Social Security statements, K-1s, and brokerage statements are required.
    • If you, your spouse, or your dependent attended college during the year being prepared, include a copy of all Forms 1098-T, as well as the cost of books, supplies, and computer equipment.
    • If you are itemizing deductions, totals for deductions such as job related expenses (by category), a list of all charitable contributions by donee organization (with receipts for any over $250 and a description for in-kind donations, such as to Goodwill), and a summary of your medical expenses if they will exceed 10% of your income (7.5% if you are over age 65) which includes totals by category. We do not need or want receipts for these expenses, but please be sure to keep them for your records.
    • A summary of revenues and expenses by category for any sole proprietorship, rent property (separated by property, if more than one is owned), farm, or farm rental. Returning clients with small business not using QuickBooks, or rental properties, are provided with a form that includes all of last year's numbers and a column to fill in this year's numbers! This makes it very easy for you, and ensures that nothing is overlooked!
    • A written explanation of whether or not you had any lapses in health insurance coverage during the year, and if so, who did not have insurance, complete with the date range for each person who had a lapse.
    • If you received a health insurance subsidy (The Premium Tax Credit), you must submit Form 1095.
    • A written listing of any additional information you think may be pertinent to the filing of your return, including full names, dates of birth, and social security numbers for your spouse and dependents, and all current contact telephone numbers and your email address. Also include occupations for you and your spouse.
    • Don't forget to send us your bank routing number and account number to receive your refund or pay your balance due electronically!
    • Please also send us a copy of last year's tax return, so we can check for anything that would impact this year's return, and, so that we can advise you of any errors we may fine. We review the prior year return at no charge!
    • Once you have all of your paperwork together, you may upload it to our website using the username and password that we have set up for you, or, you are welcome to come by our office. If you choose to come by, please be prepared to wait 20-30 minutes so we can scan all of your paperwork and review it to see if any additional information is needed. We will then hand your originals back to you so that when your return is finished, you will not need to come back! We are open 9-6, Monday-Friday.
  1. Your return is assigned to a staff member, who may contact you with ideas about additional deductions or to clarify anything you submitted.
  2. Once they complete your return it is forward to Jim, who personally reviews every return that bears his signature! We insist on two sets of eyes on every return!
  3. Once Jim has reviewed the return, it is finalized and posted on our website for your review. Sometimes this will prompt you to think of something you may have forgotten, or, you may notice something that we misunderstood from your paperwork. If that happens, we simply make the necessary changes and post the updated return for your review.
  4. Mindy Reed, our administrative assistant, sends you a document for your electronic signature, via email. Our invoice is also included. Once she receives this back from you, she e-files your return to the IRS! Nothing to print, nothing to mail!

Most clients do not need an appointment to go over their tax information, but, if your situation is complex, please call Jim at 210-656-5377. Often, he can answer your questions by phone, but in some situations, an appointment is best.

Fees start at just $400*, including free electronic filing. For a specific fee quote, which is based on the complexity of your return, the number of forms involved, and the way in which information is presented, please call Jim at 210-656-5377.

*For clients requiring the filing of returns for multiple years, we will often discount this as a one-time courtesy, to help you get caught up.

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