Packaged Services for Small Business Owners
We offer business bookkeeping services as part of an overall package that includes all of things you would normally require on an annual basis from your San Antonio CPA. When you choose one of the packages, you pay an affordable monthly fee for all ordinary services. This package is customized for you, and is based on whether we handle the entry of accounting transactions in our office, or you handle that portion yourself. Examples are:

  1. Our full-service package.
    Under this arrangement, we handle everything for you, giving you more time to operate your business! Typical services include:
    • A complete bookkeeping service. We access all bank and credit card statements from the websites for the institutions you are using, and take care of all of the data entry in a QuickBooks file that is maintained in our office. Any questions regarding how to classify entries are sent to you throughout the year so that any misunderstandings about what a certain transaction was for are minimized. Financial statements are provided on a monthly or quarterly basis.
    • A complete payroll service. If your company has employees, we can do the payroll calculations and create the paychecks for each pay cycle. We then issue paychecks by direct deposit, or one of several other possible methods. Payroll taxes are promptly paid from your account, and all quarterly an annual payroll reports are filed, including the W-2 forms for your employees.
    • Business tax return preparation. We prepare the tax return for the business, giving careful consideration to the benefits of accelerated depreciation and other strategies that can be used to accelerate or defer income, so that you pay the legal minimum in income tax over the long term.
    • Individual income tax return preparation. We prepare the tax return for the individual or individuals who own the business. Since most small business income is reported on the personal returns for the owners, our involvement in this service is crucial.
    • Texas Franchise Tax report preparation. We prepare the report required by the State of Texas, for all entities formed in, or operating in, Texas, giving careful consideration to a complete allocation of items to cost of goods sold, when possible, and, to the possibility of using the ½% tax rate available to some businesses.
    • State tax return preparation. For businesses operating in other states, we prepare all required state income tax returns.
    • Tax Planning Consultations. This could be the most important service we offer. No one wants to find out they owe more than they can afford to pay just days before the tax filing deadline. By watching the business's activity throughout the year, analyzing financial statements and comparing them to prior years, and having discussions with management regarding expectations for the rest of the current year, we run tax planning calculations and provide the owners with guidance regarding quarterly or monthly tax payments throughout the year. Let's face it, income tax in the United States is high, particularly for the small business owner. But, you are much better off if you make payments throughout the year, and don't find yourself in a hole at tax filing time. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding advice that will help you avoid such a situation.
  2. Our bookkeeping oversight package.
    Under this arrangement, you handle the business bookkeeping data entry for your business, and a member of our team provides assistance and advice throughout the year. To make this as convenient and time efficient as possible for you, we provide this service via remote computer access. At a regularly scheduled time, we receive one-time access to your computer, and while talking on the telephone, we go over your QuickBooks data entry with you. During these meetings we will scan through all entries to ensure proper account classification, check your reconciliations, payables, and receivables, and answer any questions you may have about the accounting for your business. This can be done on a monthly or quarterly basis, depending on the needs of the business and its owner. We can then package any or all of the above services to this, to ensure that you receive all of the services you need, packaged into an affordable monthly fee.

    If you are new to QuickBooks, we also offer QuickBooks Training. Jim, Stephanie, and Marleene are all QuickBooks Pro Advisors, and Jim completed the Certified Pro Advisor program requirements over a dozen times, beginning with the year the program was introduced in 1999. Click here for more information on QuickBooks Training.

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