IRS Representation
If have you have problems with the IRS, or even if you don't, you've probably heard the radio commercials that promise to "settle your tax debt for pennies on the dollar". And you're probably wondering, "Is that really possible?". The short answer is SOMETIMES. But, it is extremely irresponsible for a company to make a claim like that without even knowing your situation! Unfortunately, there are those who take advantage of people who are going through a problem. Many of the tax resolution specialty firms have taken people's money and done little to nothing to help them. Others have failed to pay their own bills and wound up in bankruptcy.

When you call these companies, you are speaking to a salesperson. That person's pay is usually commission based, and he will do whatever it takes to get you to take out your credit card and approve a $5,000, $10,000, or higher charge to the card so their "experts" who "know people at the IRS" can settle your tax debt for next to nothing. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these companies are nothing more than a scam.

When asked why he began working with individuals and businesses who owe money to the IRS, Jim Clark, CPA has this to say:
"I've met with dozens of victims of the tax resolution companies, and the thought that struck me, every time, was 'Why would they do that'? The IRS does have a legitimate program that allows people to request, and receive, a reduction in the amount they owe, so why not use it, and earn an honest living? I grew up here. I love this city and the people in it. I wanted to offer a real, local option to people who have found themselves in such a terrible position with the IRS. The only way to do that is to meet with the client and get the financial information I'll need to determine whether or not they QUALIFY for this program. If they do not qualify, I will explain why, and we can then assist with other options, such as an installment agreement. If they do qualify, I will explain the options, how much they are likely to have to pay to get their debt settled, what steps we need to take, and most importantly, how long it will take and what you will need to do during the waiting process.
As a CPA, I think I've done a lot of good for a lot of people, from business owners to individuals, to families planning for college and retirement. But the most rewarding accomplishments of my career have been when I've been able to call someone and tell them that their offer has been accepted, and their lives are about to take an incredible upward turn. It doesn't get much better than that."

To determine whether or not you are a candidate for this program, Jim will need the information that the IRS will be requesting. Basically, they will approve an offer if you are unable to pay off the debt any other way. If you own real estate, have money in a retirement plan, etc., that would fully satisfy the debt… well… of course they are going to expect you to pay what you owe, because it would be possible for you to sell the real estate or liquidate the retirement plan, and pay them off! Makes sense, right? On the other hand, if you are renting, or own a home with no equity, and have no other assets that could be sold or borrowed against to pay the IRS in full, they will then look to your monthly income and necessary living expenses to see if you would be able to make a monthly payment that would eventually pay the tax you owe. If you are only making enough money to cover your bills with very little to spare, it is possible you would qualify for a settlement of a very small amount. If your income is significant, it might not work, or, the offer amount might have to be fairly high. Jim does not want to take you money if there isn't a very high probability that your offer will be accepted! If it's not going to work, it's better to find that out now, and work on another way to get the problem resolved.

Many people think they need an attorney to represent you. This is a TAX matter! You don't need an attorney, you need a CPA! As a San Antonio CPA, Jim can offer many other services that you will most likely need, such as:

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