IRS Collections

Unfortunately, everything doesn’t always go as planned. Unforeseen changes in the economy, competition, or a lack of understanding of our complex tax system can lead to problems with the IRS.

“But I owe over $100,000! I will never be able to pay that!”

“I haven’t filed a tax return in 5 years! If I start filing now, won’t they be extra hard on me?”

“I operate a business that makes money, but I just haven’t been able to keep up with the taxes. Will they shut me down?”

I have heard these questions dozens of times, and there is hope! If you owe an amount you cannot pay, the IRS is more willing then ever to settle for a smaller amount. If you need to file prior year returns, let’s do them! They cannot treat you any differently than anyone else who owes money. And if your problem is business related, in nearly all cases you will be able to continue to operate your business as long as you work with them!

I have worked with dozens of individuals and businesses who owe money to the IRS that they cannot pay, and have been very successful in negotiating installment agreements and settlement agreements. The first step in dealing with an IRS problem is to schedule a meeting in my office to go over any correspondence you have received and plan a course of action. If all required tax returns and employment tax returns have not been filed, those will have to be prepared and filed first. Then, there are very specific rules that the IRS must follow in negotiating payment plans and settlement offers. If you don’t know the rules, they are not obligated to tell you, and you may feel that your situation is hopeless. It is not. The IRS must let you live, and must allow you to keep assets that are needed to provide income, provided you give them the documentation they need. The worst thing you can do is ignore them. That leaves them no choice but to take money from your paychecks, your bank account, or even seize your home. If you are in this situation, please contact me so I can help you settle this problem and formulate a plan that will get you out of debt and in a position to never let this happen again! The initial consultation is free, and of course anything discussed will be kept in the strictest confidence.

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